Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Best of the Rest (of the West)

The world's highest suspension bridge, outside Canon City, Co.  I drove all the way there before discovering there's a twenty-six dollar toll.  I still got this shot, anyway.
The cemetery at Amache detention center outside Granada, Co, where 7,300 American citizens were confined during WWII.  Little remains there now but scrub brush and a few building foundations.

The Gunsmoke Trav-L-Park in Dodge City, KS, where I was told that by eleven a.m., "you either have to ante up or get out of Dodge."  I opted for the latter.

.Katie, my hostess in Pueblo, Co. A mountain girl with East-coast sensibilites, she showed me where to find long-islands for a dollar.


Ron said...

To pay or not to pay. The options don't look good. What did you do?

SpaceFetus said...

I had to go back through Canon City. No biggie.