Wednesday, February 9, 2011

There and Back Again, Part One

  Here I am on the far side of the world making friends with the locals.
 In Auckland, I met up with my buddy Hank and met a few of his flat-mates.  From left to right: American, French, Kiwi, Oregonian.

 The first leg of our journey took us past majestic mountains, lush green valleys, and lots and lots of sheep.

  One cannot simply walk into Mordor, but the train still stops there.  That's Mount Doom in the background (aka Mt. Ngauruhoe.)

Hank never did get that sandwich, but the food on the train was pretty good.

On down the coast, I kept my eyes peeled for whales.

The Kiwis do a few things right, like pre-mixed Gordon's and tonic.
 Here's Trout taking us to stock up on Bumper Bars in Christchurch.  Better than lembas.

Next: "Mountains and Mole-men" or "Penetrating the Bush"

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