Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bear-ly Legal

I'm eliding King Salmon for the moment in favor of the much more interesting Brooks Camp.  Although the bears don't show up in force until July, every so often you'll see some, like this courting pair near the mouth of the Brooks River.  Some of the returning crew can recognize them by name, but I'm not quite there yet.  

awwww yeah....
 Actually, bear courtship is a drawn-out process, with the male making numerous such advances before he is accepted.  This can be frustrating if you're a human stuck on the wrong side of the river during this extended ursine foreplay.

From Dumpling Mountain, you can get a good view of the Brooks River below.  On the left end is Naknek Lake, where the camp is situated.  Glacial melt gives it a luminous blue color.

Jeff points toward camp from the top of Dumpling.  He was actually at Natural Bridges while I was at Capitol Reef.

There are two ways into or out of camp.  You can take a boat down the Naknek River, or come in on a floatplane, like the Beaver here.  Next week: the coast!  

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