Sunday, March 25, 2012

Here There be Dragons, Part II: "Hooray for Bali-Wood"

Our next stop was Bali.  Bali was much more touristy, until we took to the road to find this mountain hot spring.  A local woman stopped us in the middle of the road and insisted on performing a Hindu ritual for good luck.  I guess it worked.

  Here you'll see one of the filthy, un-evolved proto-hominids that beg for food at the Sacred Monkey Forest Temple in Ubud.  Also, a monkey.

Indonesia produces such a wide variety of delicious fruits that we can't get in the US.  I could never remember their names, but my favorites were "that one that looks like a testicle" and "that one that comes in snakeskin."  Here's Bryan haggling like a pro.

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