Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So Long, It's been Good to Know Ya

 This friendly leviathan lives in Catoosa, Oklahoma, the country's most inland sea port (really.)  Can you find me?

 A rare find in Galena, Kansas--this lone, inexplicable US 66 sign (which actually leads to a closed bridge.)  Well, I thought it was cool.

 That's the analemma I'm leaning up against in this half-scale replica of stonehenge in Rolla, Missouri.  The sun is supposed to shine through and show the date but due to cloud cover, I was unable to verify this.

The vacuum cleaner museum in St. James, Missouri, which sounds like it would be boring, is actually really well put together. 

While the reptile house and wild animal park in Stanton, which sounds like it would be awesome, is actually pretty depressing.

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