Friday, June 29, 2012

Gibraltar of the South

VNMP is regarded as a world-class art park, with over 1300 plaques, markers and monuments.  I've chosen to show Alabama's state monument because it hits the war-memorial trifecta: guns, flags, and tits.  Presumably it was considered cost-prohibitive to have the thing play Skynyrd continuously.

Contrast that to my early favorite.  Kentucky soldiers fought on both sides of the war, so you actually have to get out of the car and walk between the two opposing lines to see their state's monument.  There you'll see two tired old men, Abe and Jeff, urging reconciliation at the close of the war.

Alexander had Bucephalus, Charlemagne had Whatever-His-Horse's-Name-Was, and Grant had Kangaroo.  This is the statue I told you was also done by the sculptor of "The South in Defeat."  Grant was an Ohio boy, of course, but Illinois paid for his statue.

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