Friday, July 13, 2012

I've Gone South (Since my Baby's Gone North)

One of my favorite spots to hang out in town is the Mississippi Welcome Center right off the I-20 bridge.  From here you can watch the trucks on the interstate, barges going up the river, and trains coming over the old US 80 bridge.  (Also, they've got free coffee and wifi.)
The USS Cairo (KAY-ro) was steampunk before it was cool.  It was the terror of the Confederate fleet until it took a torpedo up the Yazoo.

The Cedar Grove mansion behind my apartment escaped destruction during the Yankee siege (rumor was the lady of the house was a cousin of General Sherman's.)  Nevertheless, you can still see a cannonball lodged in the parlor wall by the piano.

The young men who do our living history demonstrations usually dress in rebel grey, but they all turned coats for the Fourth of July.

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